Greg Kaplan

Professor, Department of Economics and the College
University of Chicago

Editor, Journal of Political Economy
Research Associate, National Bureau of Economics Research
Research Fellow, Insitute for Fiscal Studies

Recent updates

April 2019: My paper with Sam Schulhofer-Wohl on The Changing (Dis-)Utility of Work was awarded the IPUMS Time Use Research Award ! Thanks to IPUMS for their amazing work in making data easily accessible and for recognizing our work.

March 2019: I recorded a podcast with Central Banking about HANK models,  wealthy hand-to-mouth households and the intersection between monetary policy and inequality. You can listen to it here.

February 2019: Ben Moll and I are co-teaching a four-day master-class on Moneteary and Fiscal Policy with Heterogeneity, targeted towards central bankers with an interest in learning about Heterogeneous Agent New Keynesian (HANK) Models. The class will be held in Chicago from August 4-8, 2019. Details and application instructions can be found here.

Februrary 2019: Submissions are now open for  the NBER Summer Institute group on "Micro Data and Macro Models" that I co-organize with Erik Hurst and Gianluca Violante. This year the group will meet from July 15-18, 2019. Papers can be submitted here.

January 2019: Revised version of The Housing Boom and Bust: Model Meets Evidence  available online (joint with Kurt Mitman and Gianluca Violante). This version has been resubmitted to Journal of Political Economy. It now contains a detailed explanation of the role of rental markets in our main finding that changes in credit conditions alone have a minimal effect on house prices.